Unbroken: a solo game of survival and revenge

Created by Golden Bell Studios & Altema Games

Survive against all odds facing monsters and other perils in a dark fantasy tale. A quick (20-30 min), tense and unforgiving solo game. Test your survival skills in the dark fantasy world of Unbroken. You are the only one left alive after your group was ambushed by monsters - now you must avenge your friends and reclaim your freedom. Quick to learn, easy to set up and playable in a brief 20-30 minutes, the game will challenge you to make the right decisions or fall victim to the many dangers of the monster-infested caverns. Plan wisely and take calculated risks - you do not have much and must use every resource at your disposal to prevail. Each journey in the dark is unique as you play as one of four different characters and face a variety of monsters and encounters. Your character gets better with experience and so will you - Unbroken is a game that encourages and rewards repeated plays to refine your strategies.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Production is under way! Revised sample photos, PAX Unplugged, the map of the Dark and the final character stories.
10 months ago – Wed, Oct 24, 2018 at 01:26:23 AM

Hey, you awesome Unbroken backers!

Thrilled to start this update with an announcement that we hit an important milestone in Unbroken’s journey from Kickstarter to your collection. Today we have submitted the final print files to the factory and that means that the production has now started! Here are some photos of the revised pre-production sample that we have received from the factory that has most of the upgrades described in the last update incorporated:

This was an important sample to receive because it demonstrated the need to revise several files going into the game (pushing back the production a little bit). We had heard loud and clear from the backers asking us not to rush anything in the last update, and we left no stone unturned. Golden Bell and I spent a collective thousand hours on these editorials with a whole team of editors, artists, proof readers, and more! 

Specifically relating to the production – we asked for the linen finish to be more prominent (it was barely noticeable in the original sample as many backers noted). This resulted in several images, including the box cover becoming too dark, so quite a bit of work was done rebalancing the colors and brightness. Taking the cue from backer support in the last update we decided to take the time to get the game looking perfect (and as a result applied more upgrades visually, like increased use of iconography to refer to things like Conditions and Weapons in the game). We’ve also added a Quick Start Guide which we hope will be something that will guide you the Dark safely and easily.

The Golden Bell team poured over all the details to make sure everything that makes its way into the box is of highest quality. We did this with the help of committed backer proofreaders - thanks so much to all those who contributed their time and eagle eyes to making the game perfect! Their contribution will be acknowledged in the rulebook. I also had a lot of oversight and communication with Marc through this process of this final editorial leg of the trip and felt that we caught some little things that could make a big difference.

The print run should be finished towards late November – we will keep you posted on this progress in the next update where we will turn our attention to the early production samples, freight shipping and local fulfillment. At that time, we will also be able to provide more precise time estimates for reward delivery – currently expected in late January of 2019. My thanks again for all the positive comments and support we got from backers on this slight time shift - I am certain that the upgrades the game received will be absolutely worth it.  

Here is a 25-minute video of Marc and Rob going through all the contents of the Unbroken box – embedded for your viewing pleasure. I think my favorite new part there is the embroidered bag – looking great!

Top 100 Solo Games on BGG

Every year the excellent 1 Player Guild on Board Game Geek runs a People's Choice Top 100 Solo Games contest. I found the 2017 results to be a very comprehensive and meaningful ranking giving a good idea for the current preferences. The voting for the 2018 contest is now live! I encourage you to participate by compiling your own list of Top 20 solo games and sending it in via GeekMail to the organizers (see detailed instructions via the link). If you had a chance to play Unbroken and enjoy it - featuring it on your list would be a huge help in drawing more attention to the game, so any mentions are very much appreciated! Voting closes on Nov 4.

I'm curious how well the game is going to do - think we have what it takes to crack the top 100 this year? I certainly expect Unbroken to feature much more prominently in 2019 when people have the chance to receive, play (and hopefully enjoy) the game!

The map of the Dark

One thing that I am very grateful to Marc from Golden Bell for is his insistence that the caves of Unbroken must be mapped out. While initially I was hesitant to make these into a more or less concrete setting – I am happy that we worked on it, because the end result is something that I’m rather proud of and a big help in establishing the Dark as a tangible, breathing place. Here are a couple of “in progress” images to show you how I started drafting this map (I haven’t done this before but I do love looking over RPG maps drawn by awesome artists out there like Mike Schley).

 The end result of the map was further enhanced by the graphical treatment of the multi-talented Jon Meller (who is also composing the soundtrack as you’ll recall from the last update, he’s made a lot of progress and is already 26 minutes into the score. Him and the rest of the Golden Bell team are perfecting all the little nuances of the score and sound design now). The look we ended up is something I’m rather happy with:

Click on the image to access a larger version
Click on the image to access a larger version

 The map represents the locations of many of the encounters that the game contains as well as the environments where the player is likely to face most of the monsters contained in the game. The map is featured in the rulebook (one of the many things we could fit in now that we made it bigger) and also appears on the back of the poster. Hope it helps your immersion in the world of Unbroken!

The Fox Token

While we originally planned to have custom-shaped tokens – the detail on the outlines of the resource icons quickly made it clear that it wasn’t feasible (you’ll recall we included a nice velvet bag,embroidered with the Unbroken Logo, in every game as a replacement upgrade). However, we wanted to have some way to include even a part of that original promise in the game, and the Golden Bell team has found a great way to make it happen!

The fox representing the Cunning resource (which in itself is a cheeky reference to the logo of my company, Altema Games) is one of the simpler shapes among the icons so this particular one was possible to manufacture. This die-cut wooden token will be included in every game – it will be used to track which Phase/Step of the game the player is on – moving the Fox token along the Reference Sheets will make sure you always know where you are and don’t get lost.  

This purpose of the fox as a way to not get lost in a dizzying underground labyrinth might or might not be a hint to its important role in the world of Unbroken, but I probably already said too much :).

The revised Monster Cards  

Much like the Encounter, Skill and Condition cards featured in the last update, the Monster cards are also going to be enhanced with flavor text, intended to bring the foes you will face to life, give these cards more personality and context that was requested by so many backers.

You spoke, we listened and did our best to implement something special. Here is an example of how it will look like: 

Since the game received several upgrades since the release of the initial Print and Play - we will be providing a revised Print and Play that contains all the upgrades. The timing of this release will be clarified in the next update.

This flavor text is a result of great work by Marc and Rob from Golden Bell with input from myself. Of course, the monster stories provide an even further in-depth look at the inhabitants of the Dark for those who want more!

Character Stories  

Speaking of stories - here are the final four character backgrounds. We hope that these helped flesh out the protagonists of Unbroken and give weight and meaning to their struggles!

A reminder that the entire set of Monster and Character Stories can be found here. I would love to hear your impressions of these now that the entire set is done. Which one was your favorite and why?

Now that the work on all Monster and Character Stories is complete – I am turning my attention to a piece I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Specifically – the Strategy Guide for Unbroken, one of the Stretch Goals that we have unlocked back in April. I am thrilled to offer players some tips to maximize their survival chances and to put on paper the strategies that work best in specific circumstances against particular enemies. I think the players will find it useful and I can’t wait to hear about all the strategies the people will come up with that I didn’t even think of :).

New York Comic Con and PAX Unplugged

Huge thanks for all the backers who stopped by the Golden Bell booth at New York Comic Con earlier this month to check out Unbroken and say hi. The support and excitement we received means the world to our team and meeting the people who made it all possible is great! Here are a few photos of happy backers checking out the pre-production prototype.

Golden Bell is going to have a booth at the upcoming PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia (Nov 30-Dec 2) and I am thrilled to let you know that I am going to be there. Please stop by to say hi - I would love to personally thank you for your role in the incredible success of Unbroken and your ongoing support, patience and excitement. More specifics will be provided in the November update.

IndieGoGo Campaign

We keep getting lots of inquiries about late pledges for Unbroken now that both the Kickstarter and the BackerKit have closed down. In order to provide a final opportunity for people to get their copies of Unbroken from the first print run that we have launched - the Golden Bell team has put together an IndieGoGo campaign that will allow pre-orders that will be shipped same time as all your Kickstarter rewards.  
The campaign launched today - I invite you to share it with your friends who might have missed the Kickstarter but would still want to grab a copy of Unbroken.


Our friends at Lunarbaboon  

A quick note to address concerns about a recent promotional message that was sent by Golden Bell about the Parenting is Easy campaign. I apologize if receiving the message resulted in any frustration for you.If you would like to not receive any further messages with information about Golden Bell’s projects – please use the “unsubscribe” button on the message you received – it is instantaneous and automatic. It will not interfere with you receiving the Unbroken project updates. Golden Bell does send out “Mini-Unbroken” updates like the message showcasing things like the new art of Unbroken by Rachel Korsen a couple weeks ago, which won’t always be detailed in full project updates. 

Golden Bell was grateful to receive constructive comments from backers regarding their marketing policy. They will be revising it to make sure it is more transparent and clear in the future, with an obvious opt-in, and does not result in frustration. Thanks to all who contributed their voices to the conversation.

In the meantime – being a huge fan of the work that Lunarbaboon does – I am super excited to see the campaign for his board game, Parenting is Easy, doing so well! I invite you to check it out and consider supporting it – he even drew this special comic to help the people who really want to get under his skin :)

Click on the comic to open the full-size version
Click on the comic to open the full-size version

Next Steps  

We are going to focus on ensuring a quick and high-quality production run – the next update will be posted in mid-November, right around PAX Unplugged (reminder - I hope to see you there!).

The next one will detail PAX booth information, production updates (hopefully with photos), delivery timelines (current estimate - late January) and translation status (now that we can get that going). 

During production a member of the Golden Bell team will be going to China to oversee the Unbroken production and make sure that  the result is a high quality product for our backers. In the meantime – please do not hesitate to get in touch with any questions you might have, share your excitement in the comments and play some awesome games!

Production update, new art, expansion teasers, character stories and soundtrack progress.
11 months ago – Wed, Sep 26, 2018 at 01:47:47 AM

Hey, you awesome Unbroken backers!  

We are excited to provide another update to keep everyone in the loop on our work to produce and deliver Unbroken. The comments section continues to be a great place to share your excitement and ask any questions you might have – don’t hesitate to drop in, especially between our monthly updates.  The Unbroken Facebook group is also a great place to share your excitement and impressions of the game, including the currently available Print and Play.

Production update

Since receiving the digital copy (showcased in the last update) the Golden Bell team and I have discussed and applied several upgrades to the game’s components. This work pushed the production back a little bit, but I am confident it results in a game that is going to look better, play better and provide more immersion to players. 

The factory has also identified an issue with the double-sided tracker boards where the slots don't always align with the images on the lower level. We are working with them to fix the issue - want to make sure we get it right before launching the massive print run. It has taken some time but it was necessary to ensure that the games are printed correctly. At this point a solution is in place and just needs a few days worth of testing.

At this point we have the files that are pretty much final ready to go. We aim to receive the final pre-production sample from the factory within a day or two, approve it and start production no later than October 3. We were given an estimate that the production will take 30-50 days.

Once we are approaching the end of the production we will provide further detail on the logistics of getting the games to you. At that time, we will be able to provide more specific estimates for reward delivery. Depending on how the manufacturing goes, we may still be able to start delivering in December, but we are mindful of the holiday chaos that can overtake the postal systems, so if we are cutting it too close to the holiday rush – we will push the delivery out to January to minimize the chance of packages getting lost on their way to you. 

Let’s check out some of the improvements the game got! 

First and foremost, Golden Bell artists have created an additional ~25 illustrations for the Encounter cards. This means that there will be minimal re-use of art assets, resulting in more variety and unique, memorable illustrations as you make your way through the caverns of Unbroken. Many of the new paintings were inspired by specific scenes with stories in mind the whole team collaborated on.

The majority of the art was done by one of Golden Bell’s founders, Rachel Korsen. She is a huge dark fantasy fan and was very excited to help build the world of Unbroken into something very immersive. Here are a few examples of her awesome paintings:

Two other longtime collaborators of Golden Bell, Barbara Lucas and Nikki Storme, also provided additional artwork!

The Boneyard by Nikki Storme
The Boneyard by Nikki Storme
The Ghostly Adventurer by Barbara Lucas
The Ghostly Adventurer by Barbara Lucas

Also added to every card is flavor text providing some context for the card’s mechanics. The Golden Bell team put in a lot of work to make sure these descriptions add to the grim atmosphere of Unbroken and I think these help further immerse the players in the darkness of the catacombs. The cards were written by Marc Goldner and Robert Gross, and I had been involved as an editor and creative consultant on the cards' direction. 

Marc and Rob, working alongside Rachel and the rest of the GB team, have created a vast lore for the world of Unbroken that is just beginning within these cards. We are crafting Unbroken to be a part of a dark fantasy world that everyone will want to come back to, and not just for games, but for all those other additions like the Monster Stories.

Here are a couple of examples of how it would look:

Here is a link to a preview of one of the full card sets with all the Flavor text - weapons!

The Print and Play version of the game will be updated with the latest additional art and flavor text to match the final physical game.

Finally, the rulebook was revised to take full advantage of the game box size and feature more diagrams, play examples and extras. The Golden Bell team (particularly Alexander Flanagin) worked with us to ensure that the rulebook to Unbroken was as streamlined as possible and that you could jump right into playing the game. You can check out the new rulebook here.  

Oh, and the awesome-looking custom die with the slashes is going up in size - want to make it nice and chunky! GB wanted to make sure that whenever you roll the die, it’s clearly hitting the table with a thud!

Now that the files have been finalized we are able to start the translation of the game. This means that our translated rulebooks and Print and Play files will be available towards December this year. My apologies to our international backers for this shift from original timelines but we wanted to make sure that Unbroken features the highest quality, most up to date content in all languages. 

When we were showing the pre-production sample during the last update, some people could not access the unboxing video as it was uploaded to Facebook. The video has been made available for public viewing here – please check it out if you were not able to do so before. Note that the final game will look slightly different as per the improvements described above. 

Expansion Teaser 

While our focus at the moment is entirely on getting the base game produced and delivered – the Unbroken expansion is certainly on the horizon. We had a few requests to share some teasers about the upcoming content and we are happy to oblige. 

How about that for starters – we have our expansion title! While the core structure of the game will remain the same, we aim to significantly grow the variety of content available: 

  • Two new resources - Shade Crystal fuels powerful and dangerous magic spells, while Rope is used to craft ranged weapons as well as to subdue monsters through trickery.
  • Some effects, including using Spells increase your Corruption score. The higher it is, the more likely you are to be harmed by twisted magical energies it at the end of every level. Decide how much you want to risk in your pursuit of vengeance!
  • The ranged weapons will offer a third “Weapon upgrade tree”. These are unique in that they allow you to attack monsters “from afar” during Travel phase, before Combat even starts, but beware – the monster might spot you and charge, forcing combat on you sooner than you expected. 
  • Four new monsters for every level (16 total), with a focus on Undead foes. For example, the 2nd level Ghoul will force you to deal with its paralyzing slashes, while the 3rd level Mummy will make all your Food reserves rot, making starvation a pressing danger. 
  • New characters that build on the expanding world of Unbroken, like the Templar who is better able to resist the corruption and rid themselves of the foul afflictions of the underworld or the Seer who is able to use a limited fortune-telling ability to find desirable encounters and anticipate monster attacks to avoid these. 
  • A two-player co-op mode to share your survival stories with a friend. 

We look forward to sharing more information about the expansion as its development continues! 

Character Stories 

Now that we have finished with the monster stories – we can move on to learning more about the protagonists of Unbroken. Here are the first four of the eight character stories – enjoy!


A reminder that a full story archive (including the newly released ones) can be found here

Soundtrack Progress

The soundtrack for the game is really coming together. Jon, the Golden Bell composer has been doing an amazing job on it. The original plan was to have a 20 minute score, but after Jon had spent some time with the Golden Bell team, they decided to increase the length of the musical piece to 30 minutes to ensure it matches the game duration. 

The Directors of the Score (Marc, Rachel, and Rob) had worked with Jon on choosing the types of Encounters that would make an appearance through sound design, then settled on a consistent battle theme that would progress in intensity through the levels. It had to be a memorable melody that wouldn’t get old with multiple plays and it is still being filled out with additional instruments. 

They still have a lot of work they want to put into the final piece to make sure it’s as good as it can be! There is still some work to be done (including mixing, mastering and additional sound design), but you can listen to the updated sample here (it`s a chunky 87MB .wav file).

Next Steps 

We continue to focus our efforts on starting production as soon as possible! We will aim to provide our next update when the manufacturing starts to keep you posted on the progress. This will happen in the second week of October. It will feature news on the production front, more information on the upgrades the game received, options to pre-order additional copies of the game and more character stories.  

In the meantime – myself and the Golden Bell team welcome any thoughts and comments you might have – we are here to answer any questions as we work to get Unbroken to you. Thank you for your support, engagement and being a part of this project.

Please also look out for Golden Bell at New York Comic Con next week Oct 4-7! They will have an awesome booth at #937 and will be showcasing the newest sample of Unbroken in all its glory! Here is a picture of their booth at their last convention so you know what to look out for!

I am also very excited to tell you about another campaign that focuses on an artist whose work I deeply admire. Lunarbaboon creates comics that address the toughest, most complex life issues with disarming simplicity and sincerity. The folks at Golden Bell have collaborated with Chris “Lunarbaboon” Grady on Parenting is Easy - a Kickstarter campaign that features a board game, books, toys and more. It launched today and I welcome you to check it out and consider supporting it. It’s more of a casual family game that follows many of the themes from Chris’ work on his excellent comic. Thanks again everyone!

Digital Sample, Production Timelines, Poster Preview and the final Monster Stories
12 months ago – Fri, Aug 17, 2018 at 10:42:30 PM

Hey, you awesome Unbroken backers!

Another update to keep you informed on our work to bring Unbroken to you in top shape.

Following the release of the Print and Play in July we had a blast reading about the backers’ experience with the game – including positive reviews, appearances in geeklists and discussions in the Unbroken Facebook Group. So grateful to everyone who shared their excitement and took the time to craft a PnP copy – please keep it coming! Don’t forget to share your game results through this form! (A reminder that if for any reason you are unable to access your Print and Play - please message me and I'll help resolve the issue).

Speaking of updates – the Tabletop Simulator module (available for free on Steam) has also been updated with the latest cards and is available to all those who want to take the game for a spin.

Pre-production sample

But the big news we have to share with you today is a first look at the pre-production copy (also known as the “digital sample”) of Unbroken that folks at Golden Bell received from the factory earlier this week!

The box contains lots of solo goodness!
The box contains lots of solo goodness!
The custom die turned out amazing
The custom die turned out amazing
Dual-layered tracker boards to keep cubes in place
Dual-layered tracker boards to keep cubes in place
Unbroken in all its glory
Unbroken in all its glory

We think it looks amazing and the Golden Bell team is now going over every little detail to make sure it’s perfect before we start the mass production. I will be receiving the sample towards the end of August and will aim to record a playthrough to share with backers using these awesome-looking components.  

Marc and Rob from Golden Bell recorded an unboxing video of the sample that you are welcome to check out here.  

You will note a couple of things about the sample – first – we chose to not use individual “slots” for the double-layered boards and used longer indented rows instead. This was done because during testing picking up the cubes and putting these into a new slot was an annoyingly fiddly process and sliding them within a longer indent felt much more natural. The boards are still very much dual-layered and should prevent the cubes from sliding on the trackers by accident.  

By popular backer demand we have also decided to have the tracking cubes in two colors so that the red ones would be used for wound / armor tracking and the cleaner blues would be used to keep track of all other resources. The blue tokens provided a much clearer contrast against the dark background and so it makes sense to use these for majority of the resources.

Production Update  

The Golden Bell team is applying some final enhancements to the game materials (including adding new unique art to the Encounter cards to minimize duplicate use of the same assets - a preview will feature it in an upcoming update). Once that is done we will be ready to begin the mass production of the game – this will happen in early September, no later than Sep 15.  

The production is estimated to take 7-8 weeks and the first batch of the games should be ready by mid October. We will keep the backers informed on the progress of the production and the next update will include information about the planned process and timelines for shipping of the rewards. We are very excited to move one step closer to getting the games in backer’s hands!

Monster Stories Wrap-up 

Here are the final three monster stories providing the perspectives for some of the most dangerous ladies that you’re likely to meet in the caverns. With each story that we have released we tried to expand and build out the world in which Unbroken takes place – hope you have enjoyed these!

A reminder that the full monster story archive can be found here. With the monster stories completed, our attention turns to the protagonists of Unbroken! Starting with the next update we will release the stories detailing the backgrounds and motivations of the adventurers who comprised the doomed expedition.

Unbroken Poster Preview

We also wanted to share a first look at the poster that will come with some of the rewards. Measuring 11x17 “, it highlights the awesome look of the monsters and characters of the game and should serve as a fitting decoration for the walls of our backers (click on the image for full size).

Next Steps  

Now that we have closed the BackerKit, our focus shifts entirely to the production. The next update, coming your way in mid-September will contain information about the progress on the production run, a preview of the extra card art and the soundtrack as well as the translation to other languages and the plans for getting the games to you! 

In the meantime – please do not hesitate to contact myself (through KS messages or altema.games@gmail.com) or Golden Bell team (at support@playunbroken.com) for any support or questions you may have about the game. Play some awesome games and thank you again for being a part of this amazing project!

Print and Play, Monster Stories and Production Update
about 1 year ago – Sat, Jul 14, 2018 at 01:14:13 AM

Hey you, awesome Unbroken backers!  

I hope you are having a great summer! The heat has been sweltering here in Ontario. The Golden Bell team is unable to comment on weather in Columbus since they've been couped up inside making sure everything is in order for the Unbroken production run :)

Print and Play

I am thrilled for this update because it marks the first major deliverable of this project – the Unbroken Print and Play. Happy that we are able to provide it right on time as promised.

At this point all eligible backers should have received an e-mail from BackerKit with instructions on how to access the Print and Play file. If you have not – please check your spam / updates inboxes. If you are still unable to access the Print and Play – please shoot me a message and I’ll provide a direct link to download the file.

Note that two e-mails were sent - the original file sent yesterday contained some alignment issues for fronts/backs of the cards - these were identified and addressed in the new document that was distributed today. The old document is no longer available to avoid people printing off something that doesn't align perfectly.

The file contains instructions on the printing and crafting of the game (please follow these to ensure alignment / matched backs). The total page count for the Print and Play is 34 pages in full color, most of these double sided.

We can’t wait to see the copies you’ll craft! Please feel free to share the ones you made and we’ll include a few photos in upcoming updates. You can discuss the game and show off your copy in the newly created Unbroken Facebook group. Tagging Altema Games and Golden Bell Studios is a sure way to make sure we can see and respond to your posts.

Equally important is your feedback as you play the game. This form will allow you to record your play results as well as share any feedback you have on the game. The Golden Bell team and myself want to make sure we capture as much feedback as possible for the long-term development of Unbroken. 

Now that the base Print and Play is finished in English - we will start the translation work to make it available in other languages we unlocked during the campaign. There is some time needed to ensure quality translation and layout of additional versions, but we hope to share the Print and Plays for French, Spanish, German and Italian versions of the game in Sep-Oct of this year. The rules will also be available in each of these languages.

For those of you who enjoy Unbroken on TableTop Simulator - the updated Print and Play will be used to create the latest version on that platform that you will be able to continue to enjoy at no charge.

Production Update

We will be able to increase the size of the box slightly to make sure that it fits all cards sleeved. The new box dimensions will be 19x14x5.5 cm

The Golden Bell team will be doing a revision of the rules reference document to make sure it is as easy as possible for people to jump in to the game. The feedback some backers have been providing on this is very much appreciated! Further feedback is always welcome.

The rules file that the Print and Play links to will be updated automatically to new versions of the rules reference as these become available. Note that any changes at this point will only affect the format of the information, not the rules themselves. 

The physical production run is being prepared and we are making sure that all the print files we submit are in order. The best way to ensure that is to prepare a pre-production sample of the game to get a sense how it will look. We can't wait to share photos of it with you! 

Another point to cover is that the 11x17" posters that some of you have pledged for will now be printed and distributed from the same factory that will print the game itself. It makes sure these get to you quicker (at the same time as the game) but will mean that the signature on the poster will be digital rather than physical. I can promise that the gratitude for your support expressed in the signature will be just as heartfelt. We should be able to share a design of the poster in the next update! 

Getting to know our backers 

We are always curious to know more about the people who made Unbroken possible, so hope you can take half a minute and answer this question on your experience level with board games. Are you a seasoned veteran? A casual player? Tell us here! 

Monster Stories

It’s Reptile day at Unbroken Monster Stories! You get to learn more about Troglodyte art and read a petrifying story of an encounter with a Basilisk

Next Steps

With the Print and Play done, our attention shifts to the production of the physical copies of the game – the next update (coming to you in early August) will feature more information about the progress on that front as well as estimated timelines once the production gets rolling. We hope to be able to show photos of a production sample as well. We will look forward to hearing your feedback on the Print and Play and will provide a link to the updated TableTop Simulator module. 

In the meantime – have a great summer and play some great games!

BackerKit wrap-up, White Sample and 2nd round Cube Color Vote!
about 1 year ago – Sat, Jun 30, 2018 at 12:37:36 AM

Hey, you awesome Unbroken backers!  

A fairly short update this time but one with some important milestones!  

BackerKit closes July 3   + final days sale

BackerKit is open for 5 more days. At this point there are only 6% who didn’t fill in their survey – hope you get a chance to do so before the surveys close on Jul 3! Those who do not complete the survey might incur additional shipping charges as their copy might be shipped from a central location rather than from a local shipping hub.

To thank everyone for their awesome support and excitement for the campaign Golden Bell and I are happy to offer a special flash sale of an additional $5 off on an extra add-on copies of Unbroken or Cauldron on BackerKit, as well as the Unbroken Poster. This discount is available to all Kickstarter backers until the BackerKit closes on Jul 3. Another reminder/clarification that all prices you see on BackerKit are in $USD, not $CAD - this is necessitated by BackerKit / Golden Bell being in the US.

To access the discount please log in to your pledge on BackerKit (https://unbroken.backerkit.com/) - you will need to use the e-mail your Kickstarter e-mail as log-in or use a survey invitation link that was sent to your e-mail. You will be able to see and add discounted copies to your order.  

This is a final opportunity to add games to your order if you want for a friend or to use as a gift – once the campaign closes our focus will shift production and delivery. If there are any questions about these discounts, and if you need any help, guidance or troubleshooting - please email marc@goldenbellstudios.com who will be able to help you sort things out.

 Unbroken white sample

Thanks to the efforts of Golden Bell Studios and some quick turnaround from our partners in China, we have received the white sample of the game, so I’m excited to share with you some photos. (I promise it will look even better with stuff printed on these! :) )

some solo heavy-hitters for size comparison
some solo heavy-hitters for size comparison
The cards of Unbroken - poker-sized, tarort-sized and large monster cards
The cards of Unbroken - poker-sized, tarort-sized and large monster cards
the dual-layered tracker sheets (note cubes won't be translucent in the final product)
the dual-layered tracker sheets (note cubes won't be translucent in the final product)

We worked to make sure Unbroken is as compact as possible and we have also heard that many of our backers like to sleeve their cards. The current box fits the cards sleeved, but it's a bit of a tight squeeze, so we are introducing a last-week "pop goal" to give us some extra motivation in the final stretch. If we hit $50,000 in extra BackerKit orders (we are at $41,000 now with 5 days to go) - we will increase the height of the box to fit all cards sleeved comfortably. Let's see if we can knock that down! (we might or might not make this change anyways but it's fun to set and achieve goals :) ).

Print and Play on the way!  

We spent the last few days pouring over all the final files catching every last typo and inconsistency and are now ready to finalize everything. The files will be sent to the printers and a Print and Play will be distributed to the backers by Jul 13. The Print and Play files will be distributed through BackerKit but in case you will not be able to receive it for any reason (there were a few cases where folks just were not able to get their survey invitation by e-mail) – I will be happy to provide the download link via KS message.  

Final cube color vote

After the first round of the vote (and almost 4,000 votes!) we had a couple of leaders emerge – Blood Red was the top pick for 33%, while 25% preferred the cool feel of Dusk Blue. Additionally – lots of people expressed support for the original blue, which was not an option on the first vote. So we are going to have a second round of the cube color vote for the final decision – this time with only three options.

Monster Story

Just one this time (since it's only been a week since the last update). Enjoy learning what drives the Gnolls of Unbroken to scour the depths for anything of value.

 A reminder that you can view all stories written so far in one place here.

Next steps 

The next update (along with I’m sure another survey vote!) will be coming your way Jul 13 – by that point all backers who pledged for a Print and Play will receive the file. We will also have more monster stories and an update on the production status of Unbroken!