Unbroken: a solo game of survival and revenge

Created by Golden Bell Studios & Altema Games

Survive against all odds facing monsters and other perils in a dark fantasy tale. A quick (20-30 min), tense and unforgiving solo game. Test your survival skills in the dark fantasy world of Unbroken. You are the only one left alive after your group was ambushed by monsters - now you must avenge your friends and reclaim your freedom. Quick to learn, easy to set up and playable in a brief 20-30 minutes, the game will challenge you to make the right decisions or fall victim to the many dangers of the monster-infested caverns. Plan wisely and take calculated risks - you do not have much and must use every resource at your disposal to prevail. Each journey in the dark is unique as you play as one of four different characters and face a variety of monsters and encounters. Your character gets better with experience and so will you - Unbroken is a game that encourages and rewards repeated plays to refine your strategies.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

BackerKit, Rulebook, Production update and the Cube Color Vote!
about 1 year ago – Fri, Jun 22, 2018 at 01:26:05 AM

Hey, you awesome Unbroken backers,  

The project is moving ahead and we are getting close to the first major milestone – the beginning of production and distribution of the Print and Play files! Let’s cover some important points.  


Everyone should have received their BackerKit surveys to confirm their shipping address. If you did not – please contact me to get access to it. At this point 90% of backers filled out the survey so if you haven’t done so – please make sure you do. Filling the survey is a mandatory step to receiving your rewards.  

We ran into some issues with the BackerKit, all of which should be resolved at this point. Here are a few clarifications / pointers on what to do if you experienced them.  

  • Please note that all prices for extras that you add on in the BackerKit are in US$, not $CAD. Wanted to be perfectly clear about this. This only applies to extras, not your KS pledge (including extra copies), which was collected in $CAD. This is necessitated by both Golden Bell and BackerKit operating in $US. 
  • Folks who have pledged for extra copies had trouble getting the copies at KS pricing. This issue has been fixed and you should be able to add your extra copies at the special discounted KS price that you pledged at (you will see two options to add extra copies – make sure you use the $25 option). My thanks to Marc from Golden Bell for organizing a same-day fix for this issue. If you pledged for extra copies during the campaign and are having trouble accessing the KS pricing – please contact me and we’ll figure this out.
  • The system was incorrectly charging shipping for some of the items (e.g. the Conjurer pledge and some of the non-physical rewards like the “name in the rulebook”). This was resolved very quickly, but in case it impacted you and you think you were inappropriately charged– please use the “contact support” button on BackerKit explaining your situation. We have instructed the BackerKit team to provide refunds in these cases.
  • For anyone that has added on “special thanks in the rulebook”, we will be reaching out shortly to get your requested name in the rulebook. Revenant and Nemesis backers - if we do not hear from you about name preference by Jul 3 through BackerKit - your Kickstarter nickname will be acknowledged in the rulebook instead.
  • All pledges can still be upgraded/changed to a tier with a physical game using Kickstarter pricing (in $US). You can even choose the Unbroken Potion Master Ultimate Bundle that features both Unbroken and Cauldron as well as the poster, name in the rulebook and other cool stuff. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are experiencing any issues upgrading your pledge.

If you have any other issues with BackerKit – please get in touch with either myself or Marc (marc@goldenbellstudios.com) and we will make sure everything is in order. If you think that you have been charged for something that you shouldn’t have been charged for or would like a refund for an item added in error – please use “Contact Support” on BackerKit to explain your situation and a refund will be issued. It might take a few days but it will be done.  

The surveys worked well for vast majority of the backers (almost 15,000 have filled it out) but there were still some unfortunate hiccups, so my apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. To thank our backers for their patience while we resolved these issues, we are upgrading the custom die in every box of Unbroken from screen printed to engraved. It was important for Golden Bell and myself to find a way to thank you and make sure you remain excited for the project.  

Production update and Rulebook

For the past month we have been working hard to bring all the files ready to be sent to the printers and we are getting very close to that point! The final revisions are being applied and then the files will be sent to the factory AND will be used to create the official Print and Play for Unbroken that the backers will get. The Print and Play will be ready in July as we expected - the exact distribution date will be finalized in the next update.

I wanted to show you some of the new Encounter cards featuring the additional art unlocked as the stretch goals.  

You can also preview the near-final rulebook in case you want to start learning the rules right away :)  

We have received the blank white sample from the factory and I will provide the detailed photos of it in the next update to give you a sense of how the game will look and feel. Golden Bell has had it the past week during Origins and has mailed it out to me to do a final review.  

Cube color vote  

I was glad that majority of the backers were comfortable with us reverting to standard cubes to use as tracking tokens. Something that I found interesting during that discussion was the variety and richness of opinions about which color these should be. As with everything else – we would love to get you, the backers to decide this through a POLL! (honestly, I seem to be unable to offer an update without a backer poll :) ). Please head OVER HERE and vote for which one of these colors you’d like the cubes in Unbroken to be. Tell us what was your favourite and why in the comments!

The vote concludes at 11 AM EST on Jun 25.

Monster stories

Say hello to Monster Stories 17 and 18, giving some insights about the Goblins of Unbroken and a retelling of a deadly encounter with a Wyvern.  

As was requested a few times I have posted all 18 stories written up to this point in one place so that you can browse these at your convenience – Unbroken Monster Story Compendium. Writing these out has been very rewarding and really helped me think of the setting of Unbroken as a living and breathing world. Hope you are enjoying these too!

Soundtrack Sneak Peek

Here is a brief preview of the soundtrack that Golden Bell team has been rigorously working on for the game. Note that it’s an early draft and only meant as a sneak peek. The final track will be ~20 min in length. One of the things we are trying to capture with the sound track is the dynamic of more mellow Travel phases punctuated by the high-stakes Combat phases. Tell us what you think! 

Next up 

The next update will be on Jun 28 - it will contain the date of Print and Play availability as well as photos of the white sample and an update about starting production and expected timelines. Please make sure your BackerKit is filled out, play some awesome games and enjoy your summer!

BackerKit is up!
about 1 year ago – Wed, Jun 13, 2018 at 01:10:29 AM

Hi everyone,  

Unlike our regular updates that are filled with production info and  game-related content, this one will focus on a very important step that you will all need to take to ensure that you get the Unbroken rewards that you pledged for. Specifically – the filling out of the BackerKit survey that were sent out today.

Please note - the e-mails are still going through the BackerKit system and it might take 1-2 hours to get all of the invites out. If you can't locate yours immediately - please try again in a couple of hours - if it still doesn't work and BackerKit can't recover your e-mail - please get in touch, we'll figure it out.

There was quite a lot of work involved in getting these set up and the Golden Bell team has done a bang up job of making sure everything is functioning – my thanks for their efforts!  

You should have all received a BackerKit invitation at this point. If you can’t seem to find your it in your inbox – please ensure you’re checking in the e-mail account that’s associated with your Kickstarter account. Then, if it’s still nowhere to be found – check the Spam inbox (or Promotion / Updates inboxes if you’re using Gmail). If the invitation is still avoiding you – please contact myself or Marc at marc@goldenbellstudios.com and we’ll make sure the BackerKit gets to you. Alternatively you can use the "lost your survey" function directly from BackerKit to have the survey re-sent to you.

What is BackerKit?

It’s a flexible platform that allows us to collect the shipping addresses for all backers and ask a few questions. 

  • You must fill out the BackerKit to receive your rewards. 
  • Nemesis and Revenant backers have to provide their names the way they want them to appear in the rulebook. Please keep these under 30 characters and spell these out in English.

In addition, it provides an opportunity to switch to another reward level and add extras to your order. Finally – it offers an opportunity for people who missed the campaign to get a copy of Unbroken. The BackerKit will be live for three weeks and will close on 11:00 AM EST on Jul 3. Please make sure you complete it prior to closing.  

If you are happy with your pledge  

If you are not interested in any extras and just want to receive the reward that you have pledged and paid for – simply enter your shipping address and answer the questions in the survey. The information will be saved and there is no additional charge for you.

If your pledge contained money for additional copies – these will be available to you to add to your order at the KS-specified price – please do so within BackerKit so that your order is updated. If you have any questions about this step please do not hesitate to contact Marc at marc@goldenbellstudios.com – he will be able to help you resolve any issues with your pledge.  

We are hearing that for some backers the extra copies do not show up at the KS pricing - if that's the case for you please contact Marc at marc@goldenbellstudios.com or message me on Kickstarter and we'll figure it out.

If you’d like to switch to a different pledge level  

You can switch to a different pledge level – if you do, you will be charged the price difference between what you already paid and the new pledge tier.  

Good news here – we have re-opened the Revenant pledge, so if you have been itching to get your name in the rulebook – we have doubled the space available in the rulebook for that!  

If you’d like to add extras to your order 

There are a bunch of extras that you can add to your order including additional copies of Unbroken, my previous game, Cauldron, poster, rulebook mentions etc. BackerKit allows you to add these to your order. Please note that you will be charged shipping for these items as well. Any physical add-ons will be shipped at the same time as the Kickstarter items.

The pricing for the add-ons and shipping is different from what was available on Kickstarter campaign. The KS pricing was always intended to be a special offer to the folks who helped make the game possible and does not extend to the add-ons available through BackerKit. 

Shipment Tracking

The base shipping of Unbroken does not include tracking functionality (to keep the shipping costs down, which many backers seem to have appreciated). The Golden Bell team have rightly pointed out that some people just really like to know where exactly their package is – we want to make sure that option is available to those interested. There is a surcharge to apply tracking to your shipment, but we wanted that to be an option for backers to decide. 

BackerKit Stretch Goal!

If we hit $100,000 in additional orders placed through BackerKit (counting both funds from newcomers and extras added to KS orders) - we will include an extra custom die in every Unbroken box. Just in case you want to have a spare of the awesome-looking slash marks design that our designer came up with. This will officially be the last Stretch Goal of this campaign :).

Open to non-backers

Anyone can place an order on BackerKit, so if you have friends who missed the campaign and want to get a copy - they can do so by visiting the BackerKit pre-order page.

Here to help 

Do you have any further questions about BackerKit? Do not hesitate to contact either myself through KS message or Marc at marc@goldenbellstudios.com. We’ll make sure your questions are answered. Marc is also here in the comments section today to answer any immediate BackerKit questions that come up. 

Coming to Origins?

The Golden Bell team will have a booth set up at Origins (booth #1121) – stop by and say hi if you want to try out a PnP version of Unbroken or take a look at the fresh-off-the-press blank sample that we have just received from the factory! (More on that in a content-oriented update coming next week). You can catch Marc there to answer any questions you might have about Unbroken plans or just say hello. The team will be there until as late as 1 AM so stop by whenever you feel. 

More solo gaming on Kickstarter! 

If you are looking for another solo-playable game – check out the Krilling Field that launched on Kickstarter today. It’s a rogue-like game of marine exploration where you get to play as a whale on a quest for pearls and glory! 

Next up

Next week we will have an update on production with photos of the blank sample, more monster stories and a vote to pick the colour of the wooden cubes that the game will come with! Until then – make sure you fill out these BackerKit surveys!

Manufacturing update, BackerKit date and Rules preview
about 1 year ago – Sat, Jun 02, 2018 at 01:50:44 AM

Hey, you awesome Unbroken backers!  

I hope everyone’s summer is off to a great start and you are enjoying the improving weather. Another update to keep our backers in the loop on the progress we are making with Unbroken.  

BackerKit coming June 12  

First and most important piece of news is that BackerKit surveys to collect shipping addresses/add extras to your order will be distributed to backers on Jun 12. It’s a little later than we originally planned, but allows us to have the blank copy of the game to have the exact estimate of the weight (important for exact shipping calculations for post-KS orders).  

Once live, backers will have 3 weeks (until early July) to complete the BackerKit to provide their information (multiple reminders will be offered). We will offer additional information about BackerKit in Q&A format when it comes out. If you have any additional questions – please do not hesitate to message me. 

Nemesis and Revenant level backers should pay special attention to BackerKit because one of the questions they will be asked is how they’d like their name to be acknowledged in the rulebook. 

Manufacturing partner confirmed

After a series of visits to factories in China by our Golden Bell partners we have settled on Meiji (Brilliant Games) to produce Unbroken. Having produced top-tier games like Sushi Go Party, Forbidden Island, Smash Up, Love Letter and games from the Tiny Epic series – we have utmost confidence that Unbroken will be manufactured to the highest production standard.

Here is a photo of their very impressive showroom:

Stretch Goal Replacement 

Early in our exploration of the manufacturing process we identified an issue with one of our unlocked Stretch Goals – namely the custom tokens for resource trackers. At the size of the tokens used for Unbroken (8 mm) there would be a high chance of production defects and the custom-shaped pieces would be fiddly to handle compared to the standard cube tokens. It would also make losing a single token immediately have a negative impact on your enjoyment of the game as opposed to having fully interchangeable cubes. As a result, we are reverting the custom-shaped tokens to the basic cubes

Such small changes are unavoidable as new information comes to light as we get closer to the manufacturing and I thank you in advance for your understanding. This change frees up a small bit of production cost and we want to put it right back into the game, so it’s up to you, the backers on what kind of a replacement Stretch Goal to apply it to. Our two options are: 

  • A black velvet bag (with the Unbroken logo) to hold the tokens in the box
  • An extra custom die (with the Slashes design) in every box of Unbroken 

Please vote for your preference HERE – whichever option will receive most votes by 10 AM EST on Jun 8 will be included in every box. 

Component Previews 

We are very close to having a final draft of the rules available, so I will take this opportunity to show you a page that includes a new keyword meant to remove some rule confusion. Some effects in Unbroken do not cost an action to activate (either during the Travel or Combat phases of the game). This caused a fair amount of questions so to clear it up I have introduced a Response keyword – these effects are not actions themselves but rather trigger based on something else happening (e.g. beginning of combat or suffering a wound). Here is the rules page explaining how it will work, along with another new Passive keyword. Bonus points for those who can pinpoint exactly which game inspired the Response term!

Also – here is the designed version of our very first unlocked Stretch Goal – the Reference sheet. This double-sided 18x10 cm sheet should be a big help in learning the flow of the game early on and making sure you don’t skip any steps.

Monster Stories 

With these two stories we are now up to 16/24 being done! It has been a lot of fun writing these to flesh out the grim world of Unbroken. The character stories that will follow will be a little longer and more and will provide a glimpse of how each of the potential protagonists came to be a part of the failed expedition.

Next Steps!

I aim to keep to an update schedule of roughly once every two weeks – hope this works for you. There was lots to share today, so the soundtrack sample will be a part of the next update, along with a rulebook preview and some photos of the completed blank copy of the game. Our work on preparing the final files is ongoing and we are on track to provide the final Print and Play to backers in July!

Watch out for those BackerKit surveys on Jun 12!

Progress update - New art + Achievement sheet + Monster Stories!
over 1 year ago – Fri, May 18, 2018 at 01:55:14 AM

Hey, you awesome Unbroken backers!

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last update – want to make sure you stay informed about the progress as we move the project ahead!  

The big focus right now is setting the production up with the factory. Our partners at Golden Bell have been busy negotiating with several factories – we will be receiving a sample from at least two before we make the final decision on which will manufacture Unbroken. A series of factory visits in late May will help oversee the pre-production setup and ensure quality control of the manufacturing run. We want to minimize the margin for error in getting the game to you in excellent shape!

These steps are taking place as we are working on the print files so that we can get the process going right away after signing off on the final files.  

Custom Die

The Slashes option for the custom die was the clear winner after almost 11,000 responses (mind blowing engagement – thanks for all who voted!). More than 71% preferred the Slashes and that’s the design that will be included in the game.

Game component progress:  

A couple of new items to share with you – always exciting to show new content as it comes together! First up – here is the final (two-sided) achievement sheet. The back side is populated entirely by achievements suggested by backers – amazing input, everyone!

Since we unlocked a bunch of extra art for the Encounter cards – I got to commission an additional extra-large piece by Jacob Atienza (the same talented artist who did the cover illustration). The details of this awesome image will be featured on encounter cards and will allow us to minimize duplicate use of images.

Monster stories! Did anyone miss these? Two very different stories for you today linked by a common element. Enjoy learning more about the backgrounds of the Feral Hyena and the Dark Elf.  

BackerKit Pledge Manager

The big thing that everyone should be looking for within the next couple of weeks is the BackerKit survey. Folks at Golden Bell have been working hard on setting it up so that it works smoothly. BackerKit survey will allow you to provide the shipping address where your rewards will be delivered as well as add extras to your order. Digital rewards (such as the Print and Play files) will also be delivered via BackerKit.  

Content that you can add to your order will include:  

  • Extra copies of Unbroken
  • Advanced Access to the upcoming expansion content
  • The Unbroken Poster
  • The Print and Play (in case you only want the digital file)
  • And since we got many requests for this - our first game, Cauldron

The BackerKit will be available both to Kickstarter backers and for those who missed the campaign, though KS backers will be offered discounted pricing on add-ons to thank you for making this game possible and being a part of this journey. 

Revenant and Nemesis backers will be asked to indicate how they’d like their name acknowledged in the rulebook – important to provide this! 

Myself and the Golden Bell team will be there to answer any questions you might have about the BackerKit once it’s available. 

Filling in the BackerKit is a mandatory step to receive your reward – please make sure you do so when it is sent out! The surveys will be active for around 3 weeks and we will make sure to offer a generous number of reminders to minimize number of folks who don’t provide the information necessary to ship their rewards. Once the BackerKit closes – you will be able to update the shipping address, but not change the contents of your order.

Next Steps: 

Back to working on the final deliverables! If all goes well next update within a few weeks should feature the final revised and streamlined rulebook - from there it’s not far off until we are able to share the final Print and Play with all eligible backers! The next update should also contain a preview of the game’s soundtrack. Thank you all for your support of the project and the ongoing conversations in the comments section. I hope everyone gets to enjoy the warmer weather and are making fun plans for the summer!

We did it! Thank you all so much!
over 1 year ago – Wed, May 09, 2018 at 07:24:51 PM

Prepare to survive the dungeon!

Thanks to the passion, trust and enthusiasm of more than 16,000 people, Unbroken will get to become a reality! Some fun stats of the campaign:

  • Campaign funded in 76 minutes, collecting 4270% of the original funding goal
  • Our thriving backer community averaged 112 comments per day - lots of active and positive discussion!
  • With 16,531 backers, Unbroken is the 22nd most funded Tabletop Kickstarter ever.

We are honoured that you chose to put your trust into Unbroken and from this point on our efforts shift immediately towards the production and fulfillment of the game.

Regular updates will inform you of the progress we make and the immediate next steps. One thing that we are committed to is continuing to involve backers in the design decision - that's why the very next update will feature an opportunity to vote for how the Unbroken custom die will look!

For this update - we are opening up a backer call for Achievement ideas! We had lots of brainstorming in the Comments section but now is the time to submit them for official consideration:

On our end the next steps will be :

  • Preparing the custom die design options for backers to pick from
  • Creating the custom-shaped tokens to replace the cubes on the tracking sheets
  • Commissioning the extra Encounter art unlocked through SGs
  • Collecting the naming suggestions from Nemesis-level backers (you will be contacted via individual messages)
  • Settling on the manufacturer factory and preparing for file submission
  • A thorough revision of the rules / game text to address points of confusion identified during the campaign

The huge increase in the volume of the campaign will make it bit tough to meet the original estimate of December, but so far the timeline still holds! 

But that's all for an update next week. For now - let's all just take a day or two to appreciate how amazing of a feat we've accomplished together. The success of Unbroken will surely signal to publishers that solo gaming is thriving - I cannot wait to see all the quality content that it will inspire.

Again - from the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU ALL for making this possible!