Unbroken: a solo game of survival and revenge

Created by Golden Bell Studios & Altema Games

Survive against all odds facing monsters and other perils in a dark fantasy tale. A quick (20-30 min), tense and unforgiving solo game. Test your survival skills in the dark fantasy world of Unbroken. You are the only one left alive after your group was ambushed by monsters - now you must avenge your friends and reclaim your freedom. Quick to learn, easy to set up and playable in a brief 20-30 minutes, the game will challenge you to make the right decisions or fall victim to the many dangers of the monster-infested caverns. Plan wisely and take calculated risks - you do not have much and must use every resource at your disposal to prevail. Each journey in the dark is unique as you play as one of four different characters and face a variety of monsters and encounters. Your character gets better with experience and so will you - Unbroken is a game that encourages and rewards repeated plays to refine your strategies.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Progress update - New art + Achievement sheet + Monster Stories!
about 1 year ago – Fri, May 18, 2018 at 01:55:14 AM

Hey, you awesome Unbroken backers!

It’s been a couple of weeks since our last update – want to make sure you stay informed about the progress as we move the project ahead!  

The big focus right now is setting the production up with the factory. Our partners at Golden Bell have been busy negotiating with several factories – we will be receiving a sample from at least two before we make the final decision on which will manufacture Unbroken. A series of factory visits in late May will help oversee the pre-production setup and ensure quality control of the manufacturing run. We want to minimize the margin for error in getting the game to you in excellent shape!

These steps are taking place as we are working on the print files so that we can get the process going right away after signing off on the final files.  

Custom Die

The Slashes option for the custom die was the clear winner after almost 11,000 responses (mind blowing engagement – thanks for all who voted!). More than 71% preferred the Slashes and that’s the design that will be included in the game.

Game component progress:  

A couple of new items to share with you – always exciting to show new content as it comes together! First up – here is the final (two-sided) achievement sheet. The back side is populated entirely by achievements suggested by backers – amazing input, everyone!

Since we unlocked a bunch of extra art for the Encounter cards – I got to commission an additional extra-large piece by Jacob Atienza (the same talented artist who did the cover illustration). The details of this awesome image will be featured on encounter cards and will allow us to minimize duplicate use of images.

Monster stories! Did anyone miss these? Two very different stories for you today linked by a common element. Enjoy learning more about the backgrounds of the Feral Hyena and the Dark Elf.  

BackerKit Pledge Manager

The big thing that everyone should be looking for within the next couple of weeks is the BackerKit survey. Folks at Golden Bell have been working hard on setting it up so that it works smoothly. BackerKit survey will allow you to provide the shipping address where your rewards will be delivered as well as add extras to your order. Digital rewards (such as the Print and Play files) will also be delivered via BackerKit.  

Content that you can add to your order will include:  

  • Extra copies of Unbroken
  • Advanced Access to the upcoming expansion content
  • The Unbroken Poster
  • The Print and Play (in case you only want the digital file)
  • And since we got many requests for this - our first game, Cauldron

The BackerKit will be available both to Kickstarter backers and for those who missed the campaign, though KS backers will be offered discounted pricing on add-ons to thank you for making this game possible and being a part of this journey. 

Revenant and Nemesis backers will be asked to indicate how they’d like their name acknowledged in the rulebook – important to provide this! 

Myself and the Golden Bell team will be there to answer any questions you might have about the BackerKit once it’s available. 

Filling in the BackerKit is a mandatory step to receive your reward – please make sure you do so when it is sent out! The surveys will be active for around 3 weeks and we will make sure to offer a generous number of reminders to minimize number of folks who don’t provide the information necessary to ship their rewards. Once the BackerKit closes – you will be able to update the shipping address, but not change the contents of your order.

Next Steps: 

Back to working on the final deliverables! If all goes well next update within a few weeks should feature the final revised and streamlined rulebook - from there it’s not far off until we are able to share the final Print and Play with all eligible backers! The next update should also contain a preview of the game’s soundtrack. Thank you all for your support of the project and the ongoing conversations in the comments section. I hope everyone gets to enjoy the warmer weather and are making fun plans for the summer!

We did it! Thank you all so much!
about 1 year ago – Wed, May 09, 2018 at 07:24:51 PM

Prepare to survive the dungeon!

Thanks to the passion, trust and enthusiasm of more than 16,000 people, Unbroken will get to become a reality! Some fun stats of the campaign:

  • Campaign funded in 76 minutes, collecting 4270% of the original funding goal
  • Our thriving backer community averaged 112 comments per day - lots of active and positive discussion!
  • With 16,531 backers, Unbroken is the 22nd most funded Tabletop Kickstarter ever.

We are honoured that you chose to put your trust into Unbroken and from this point on our efforts shift immediately towards the production and fulfillment of the game.

Regular updates will inform you of the progress we make and the immediate next steps. One thing that we are committed to is continuing to involve backers in the design decision - that's why the very next update will feature an opportunity to vote for how the Unbroken custom die will look!

For this update - we are opening up a backer call for Achievement ideas! We had lots of brainstorming in the Comments section but now is the time to submit them for official consideration:

On our end the next steps will be :

  • Preparing the custom die design options for backers to pick from
  • Creating the custom-shaped tokens to replace the cubes on the tracking sheets
  • Commissioning the extra Encounter art unlocked through SGs
  • Collecting the naming suggestions from Nemesis-level backers (you will be contacted via individual messages)
  • Settling on the manufacturer factory and preparing for file submission
  • A thorough revision of the rules / game text to address points of confusion identified during the campaign

The huge increase in the volume of the campaign will make it bit tough to meet the original estimate of December, but so far the timeline still holds! 

But that's all for an update next week. For now - let's all just take a day or two to appreciate how amazing of a feat we've accomplished together. The success of Unbroken will surely signal to publishers that solo gaming is thriving - I cannot wait to see all the quality content that it will inspire.

Again - from the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU ALL for making this possible!

A week later : Getting Ready for Production + Custom Die Vote
about 1 year ago – Wed, May 09, 2018 at 07:23:22 PM

Hey you amazing Unbroken backers!

The dust is settling after this incredible project and in the short time we have already made important progress to bring us closer to beginning production. This is the first of the updates intended to keep you informed about what's happening and getting the backers involved in key decisions.

For the past week our partners at Golden Bell have been in touch with several factories to select the one that would be best positioned to manufacture the game. We are down to two and should be finalizing that decision shortly. There is a whirlwind of activity as we are settling on the best way to produce each component of the game. 

We are also busy preparing the pledge manager so that it can be sent out to backers to collect address information and finalize orders (including addons). Expect that to come in a couple of weeks' time.

In the meantime we have been working on creating some of the Stretch Goal materials you have unlocked - the extra Encounters art has been commissioned and we now have the three options for the custom die:

 It's up to you which one of these three designs will be used in the game - please voice your preference :

Balancing the monsters

A fun thing that I got to do last week (I am a statistics geek) was to review the results from over 300 logged games to check the game for balance. This is something I do regularly to ensure all monsters provide a balanced challenge - this last pre-production round of tweaks will result in the monster attributes appearing in the final game. Overall I was very happy with how the game functioned with only a few monsters requiring fixes. 

Notably, the Gnoll was by far the toughest of the Level 3 monsters and was weakened to be a slightly less formidable foe.

On the other end of the spectrum, both the Vampire and Basilisk did not provide as much challenge as other Level 4 monsters - both got a bit of a power-up - we don't want any push-overs as your final boss battles!

Scoring your victories

We have also prepared a design for the score sheet that will be used to record your glorious triumphs (rare as they might be :) ) - this is how it's going to look like. The game will come with a pad of about 20 pages of these with the ability to print more from a PDF file that will be publicly available. Here is how it would look after a few successful games:

We welcome your suggestions!

Do you have great ideas that you think we should consider as we move ahead with the production of the game? We welcome these! Please share any thoughts / observations / proposals / ideas / criticisms that you might have through this form.

Next Steps

We want to find a good balance between keeping you informed of major developments while not spamming your inboxes, so we will endeavor to provide the next update in a couple of weeks with the following:

  • Final design of the Achievement sheets (thanks to all who provided their awesome ideas!)
  • Final decision on the factory that will manufacture Unbroken
  • Information about the Pledge Manager where you'll be able to confirm your order and shipping address
  • A sneak peek at the new Encounter Cards art

In the meantime most of my attention will be dedicated to a thorough review and revision of all the game components and most importantly the rulebook, as I am preparing these for a final round of design and submission to print. Once that happens - it's only a short time before we can share the final Print and Play version!

Thank you once again for being a part of this amazing project!

Final Hours! More art, more reward options, new monster stories and a fulfillment partnership
about 1 year ago – Tue, May 01, 2018 at 07:59:57 PM

Hello you amazing backers of Unbroken,

It just doesn't stop! Your passion for solo gaming keeps coming and elevating this campaign to new levels of awesome. We CRUSHED the the $500,000 goal - the last one that we had! I am so proud to say that we got to put all the upgrades we envisioned into Unbroken. Thank you all for making it possible! I am also happy to report that because of our discipline of not over-promising - there is only a small amount of work that needs to happen between the campaign finish tomorrow and us having the final files in hand. We can't wait to get the games to you!

Alt-Art Brawler

Meet the last of the alt-art characters of Unbroken - the fiery Brawler. She's suffered some hard knocks, but she's sizing up the competition to exact revenge for her fallen comrades! (I have to confess that she has replaced the female Hunter as my new favourite character).

 New Pledge Tiers!

Never too late to try some new things, isn't that so? Throughout the campaign I got several requests to make my previous game, Cauldron available to backers. Well, I am pleased to invite you to consider the Conjurer pledge - it combines the Revenant Lite rewards with a copy of Cauldron. There is not a whole lot of these available, so this tier is limited - my thanks to my publishing partner, Golden Bell, for making these available - these copies are not easy to find now.

If you are a retailer - you are welcome to consider our Retailer pledge as well - a bulk order of 24 games is yours for $500.

Fulfillment partnership

It is no surprise that Unbroken exceeded all expectations I had for it. The campaign that originally was intended to consist of ~2,000 copies will now involve more than 15,000. Recognizing my own limitations as an individual I have partnered with a team from Golden Bell Games to ensure there are people who can dedicate their full-time attention to arranging the production and fulfillment of Unbroken. I have been very impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment of this team and will stay closely involved in making sure that all backers received their games in a timely and efficient manner. 

Having successfully delivered campaigns from a few hundred to 8,000+ units such as Pretending to Grownup, Venture Party and Strawberry Ninja , Golden Bell Games is an award-winning publisher and a trusted partner that I enjoyed working with on Cauldron following its release. Their connections in the manufacturing and fulfillment industries will ensure a seamless delivery of Unbroken to backers. I am thrilled that I am able to add their capacity to further build on a disciplined and straightforward campaign that you have kindly chosen to support.

If you have any questions for them - please post these in the comments - the team will be happy to respond.

Reviews and podcasts!

Monster Stories

Two new ones for your enjoyment - my thanks to our guest author, EB Darwin for yet another contribution!

Next Steps!

There are less than 20 hours to go in this amazing campaign and I positively cannot wait to start work on getting Unbroken files ready for production! The next update will come tomorrow to wrap up the campaign and invite YOU, the backers, to provide suggestions for what kind of achievements it would be fun to have on the Achievement Sheet that comes with the game. (I can see Nicos and Raz already started typing).

Thank you all again SO MUCH for being a part of this. You rock.

1100% Funded, Stretch Goals and Skill/Encounter Contest!
about 1 year ago – Tue, May 01, 2018 at 04:37:36 AM

Hi there you amazing Unbroken backers!

The campaign has really exploded with so much interest support and encouragement - thank you all so much for being a part of it! Here is me and our lead graphic designer Alina (she is barely keeping up with creating new Stretch Goal graphics before you knock them down). We know we look super tired but that's because your awesome activity gave us plenty to do over the last couple of days. We think you all rock :)

 In fact, if you look at the BoardGameGeek - Unbroken is currently sitting at a lofty position #5 on their Hotness List! 

Kickstarter has also recognized how awesome Unbroken is by tagging it as a "Project We Love" - so lots of accolades! Hopefully this will bring us lots of new backers so that we can unlock more and more new Stretch Goals and get Unbroken to even more people around the world.

Stretch Goals

We have been busy unlocking some more card upgrades and languages (we will now have rules and Print and Play in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish! We will also provide a digital soundtrack to make sure your survival has great dark ambiance to it :). At $161,000 we are very close to unlocking a sheet with some lofty achievements for you to try for in your games and after that it's on to a costly but awesome possibility to create a custom die to include! I am thrilled for all the ways the game is improving because of your passion - thank you so much!

Monster Stories

A couple more Monster stories for you to check out! My thanks to the talented EB Darwin for putting these together! 

Reviews and Playthroughs

If you are interested in getting more perspectives on Unbroken - please check out these blogs by Beyond Solitaire, The Geek Girl Project and Both Sides of My Table. I love seeing a variety of people enjoying Unbroken each for their own reasons. The Geek Girl Project in particular does an interesting analysis comparing the aesthetics of Unbroken to that of our previous game, Cauldron. We will have even more reviews coming out next week!

Looking to see Unbroken in action? Colin at One Stop Coop Shop does a great runthrough :

Backer-Created Skill/Encounter Submissions!

Ready to create a part of Unbroken? (Remember we unlocked these Stretch Goals what seems to be forever ago?). Head over to this form and provide your ideas for Skill and Encounter cards to add to the game. I will pick three best suggestions for each and a backer poll will decide which of these gets added to the game!

PROVIDE YOUR SUGGESTIONS HERE . Deadline is Apr 8 at 2 pm EST.

Unbroken Wallpapers!

Do you enjoy the aesthetics of Unbroken? Well, our graphic designer has whipped up a bunch of wallpapers for you to use if a ferocious Minotaur staring you down will make you more productive :)

 The wallpapers are available for download in a variety of formats below:

Widescreen 1920x1200 // 1920x1080 // 1680x1050 // 1440x900 // 1280x800 // 1280x720

Full screen, 1620x1200 // 1280x1024 // 1280x960 // 1024x768 // 800x600

Have a great Sunday! Thank you all for your support - please continue sharing it - we have lots of exciting stuff coming over next week! The next update will follow towards the end of next week.

 - Artem.